Our Exceptional Crew

It is not by accident that our crew of certified & licensed workers serving Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois are the best around. We dedicate numerous hours in safety training in addition to the strict adherence to the qualification standards for Hernandez Roofing.

Commercial Roofing Services

The Midwest climate provides specific challenges that Hernandez Roofing knows inside and out. We provide roofing solutions to various facilities including schools, national retailers, factories, condominiums/apartment complexes, hospitals, warehouses, government buildings and more.

Our Mission

An unexpected leak or damage to your roof can halt business and put your employees and business assets at risk. We offer the highest quality workmanship with the finest materials available at the most competitive milwaukee roofing prices you will find.


Easy Estimates

Call us to discuss your concerns and needs. We will schedule a visit to your site where we will perform a thorough inspection. A proposal will be provided that will detail everything from materials, length of project, manufacturer and company warranties.


The goal is to have a roof that you never have to worry about, but things happen. When they do, we are here for you. A leak in a roof can appear out of nowhere and can wreak havoc on your operating functions. This can cause productivity to come to a grinding halt. When this happens you can count on an expected 24 hour turnaround to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Skilled, Certified Workers

All of our skilled tradesmen are certified in both Wisconsin & Illinois and also licensed where required (Illinois). Boasting an incident free workforce since being founded in 2010; Hernandez Roofing  workers are trained directly by the manufacturer to ensure adherence to the highest standard of application.

In addition, all of our workers have been trained in fall prevention, proper handling of bituminous materials, adhesives, solvents and hot air or torch applied systems.  We also are trained and certified in the state of Wisconsin in the safe removal of ACRM (asbestos containing roof material).


Because your roof should be something you don’t have to worry about, we offer manufacturer backed, no dollar limit warranties from the largest manufacturers in the industry: Firestone, Johns-Manville and Versico. These warranties include an independent inspection of the completed roof system to confirm Hernandez Roofing’s workmanship is up to the manufacturer’s standards for installation. And should you sell your building at some point, all warranties are transferable to the new owner. This equals peace of mind for years to come.

SBE, MBE & DBE certified

By recognizing the talent and commitment of our certified tradesmen, we also allow you to meet necessary criteria in today’s industry.

Turning your necessity in minority requirements into our advanced excellence.

up to 30 year

No Dollar Limit Warranty Offered

over 2,000,000 square feet

Of Roofing Installed

over 150 combined

Years of Professional Experience

We’ve Worked With Over 100

What they are saying about us

“As a Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center the comfort of our residents is important.  Hernandez went out of their way to help us  find a solution to our problems and then they did a great job to execute the plan.”

“At all of my stores I need to know the roofs are watertight.  I rely on the Hernandez team to help me.”